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Brandon's 1-2-3 method of oil painting and specially designed tools and mediums make it easier than ever to create beautiful paintings!

What is Brandon's 1-2-3 method?

 Learn to paint as easy as 1-2-3! Brandon's 1-2-3 method of oil painting makes it easy to create beautiful landscapes and seascapes! This method requires specially designed tools and mediums to make this technique work. The 1-2-3 method is stacking wet paint on top of wet paint in multiple layers and it's very easy with the right equipment! Many ask, "Why can't I get this to work like in Brandon's videos?" After a short conversation, it usually comes down to the equipment they are using. With the wrong equipment, this method can be a nightmare! That's why Brandon developed and continues to develop products for this technique. Brandon's signature brush collection is designed for this very method, and softer than the standard brushes designed for wet-on-wet oil painting, and have a special fill to make them easy to use, in stacking layers of wet paint. Making it easy to create beautiful texture on top of wet paint! This method can be very easy with the right tools! So many have struggled to paint in this method, but after switching to Brandon's products using his FREE step-by-step instructional videos are now painting beautiful landscapes and seascapes they've always dreamed they could do! So what is the 1-2-3 method? the 1-2-3 method is the wet-on-wet technique but instead of just 1 highlight it's 2 highlights. 1st is the base color (dark) the 2nd color is the mid-tone highlight and the 3rd is the light highlight 1-2-3. Sometimes we can add a 3rd highlight for an extra pop but 99% of the time it's just the 2 highlights. Sounds easy right? That's because it is with the right tools! Trying to get that extra highlight with other brushes can result in a muddy appearance because they are not soft enough nor have the right fill in the ferrule of the brush. Order Brandon's signature brush collection today and mediums and see how easy painting can be! 

Brandon, I ordered your 2" brush and your Script liner brush. I got to tell you they are hands down the best brushes I have ever used. I have been painting for 2 years now. I have used a lot of brushes. Yours are the best. I will tell all of my Art friends about these brushes. I will buy others. Thank you very much.

Edward W Carroll Jr.

I do have to say that switching to the Brandon Thomas brushes I feel my paint works better and looks better

David Jackson

The best brushes I have ever used! I've used the brushes made for this technique and have struggled, once using Brandon's my paintings have changed! Thank you Brandon for creating awesome products! 

Rick West

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Brandon Thomas,


Welcome to  Thomas Art Supply! Founded in 2015 by Brandon Thomas to offer the highest quality products for the Wet-on-Wet oil painting technique. Today, 9 years later we're doing just that, and are committed to helping you start your art hobby, or career right! With Brandon's specially designed tools, painting lessons, books, and his growing certified instructors, you can take your art journey from hobbyist to Master with the  Brandon Thomas Art team helping you each step of the way!  When you purchase with us, you're not only getting a high-quality product, but you're getting the support of the Brandon Thomas Art team that will teach you to use the products that you purchased. What other art supply store offers that? each purchase also funds our free painting lessons on TV and YouTube. Just click the YouTube icon on this page or search The Painting With Magic Show on YouTube and start learning today! We hope to serve you in your painting endeavors. 

God bless 

- Brandon Thomas Art Team